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Often dubbed "The City of Roses," Portland is a vibrant metropolis known for its friendly neighborhoods, lush green spaces, and a deep commitment to sustainability.

Often dubbed "The City of Roses," Portland is a vibrant metropolis known for its friendly neighborhoods, lush green spaces, and a deep commitment to sustainability.

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Experience the pinnacle of Pacific Northwest living with our new luxury homes in Portland, designed to enhance your lifestyle. Our new construction homes feature integrated technology, superior construction and attention to detail. Our communities are a place to thrive with peace and gorgeous views just outside the city. Our Portland new homes boast spacious homesites and include premium upgrades and finishes, ensuring every aspect of your life has access to comfort and convenience. Visit our neighborhoods today to discover why our homes are synonymous with luxury and quality living.


More About Living in Portland, Oregon

Portland is not only the largest city in Oregon; it's one of the most eco-friendly cities in the nation. It offers an eclectic mix of outdoor activities, artistic pursuits and culinary experiences. The city's commitment to public spaces includes numerous parks and bike paths, inviting tourists and residents to enjoy its natural beauty year-round. A strong technology sector, clean energy initiatives, and robust manufacturing and retail industries buoy the economy in Portland. The presence of numerous technology firms and a thriving startup ecosystem contribute to the city's dynamic growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Portland, OR known for?

Portland is known for its vibrant and unique culture, which strongly emphasizes sustainability, local food and beverages, and the arts. The city has a reputation for being environmentally friendly, with a high percentage of residents opting for biking or public transportation over driving. Portland has a famous and diverse food scene, with an abundance of food carts, farmer's markets and award-winning restaurants. It's a city surrounded by natural beauty outside and a Mediterranean climate. Additionally, Portland has a rich arts and music scene, with numerous theaters, galleries and venues showcasing local talent.

Where is Portland located?

Portland is in the northwestern part of Oregon, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers, just south of Vancouver, WA. The Pacific Ocean is 60 miles east of this Pacific Northwest city. Latitude: 45.523064, longitude: -122.676483

What industries drive the economy in Portland?

Portland's economy is diverse, with career opportunities in technology, healthcare, education, agriculture, fashion, clothing and footwear and manufacturing. Thanks to nearby deepwater ports, the city is also a key player in transportation.

What are major educational institutions in Portland?

Portland State University, Reed College and the University of Portland are major educational institutions in Portland. The city also has various community colleges, trade schools and specialized institutes.

Who are the top employers in Portland?

Portland's top employers include Intel, Providence Health & Services, PeaceHealth, Nike, Autodesk, Microsoft, US Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Fred Meyer Stores, Precision Castparts, Legacy Health, Columbia Sportswear and Oregon Health & Science University. These organizations significantly contribute to the job market and the region's economic stability. View a list of the 100 most significant employers in the Greater Portland area on greaterportlandinc.com.

Is Portland near Willamette Valley, Oregon?

Portland is near Willamette Valley. Many sources agree that Willamette Valley includes Portland, Oregon's largest city. It is 150 miles long and extends from Eugene, OR in the south to Portland, OR in the north. Willamette Valley is the most fertile part of Oregon and is well-known for the area's wineries.

What prominent cities are near Portland?

Portland is near several large cities, including Seattle, WA (146 miles); Victoria, Canada (204 miles); Surrey, Canada (248 miles); Burnaby, Canada (257 miles); Vancouver, Canada (261 miles); Boise, Idaho (340 miles); Sacramento, CA (482 miles) and Stockton, CA (526 miles).

Are there any ports near Portland, Oregon?

Portland is a crucial hub for international trade because three deepwater ports are near the city: Portland, St. Helens and Astoria Ports.

What are popular attractions in Portland?

Portland has various attractions, such as the Portland Japanese Garden, Lan Su Chinese Garden, the Oregon Zoo, The Grotto, the Haunted Shanghai Tunnel and the historic Pearl District. The city is also famous for its vibrant arts scene and numerous festivals yearly.

The city has a downtown area with fine dining, nightclubs and sports complexes where you can catch a professional sports game or music concert.

Who provides utilities and services in Portland?

Portland General Electric primarily provides electricity in Portland, while Northwest Natural Gas handles most natural gas services. Xfinity, Viasat, Starlink, Earthlink, CenturyLink, Always On, Hughes Net, Verizon, Startouch and T-Mobile provide the city with wide-ranging internet services.

Why choose luxury homes in Portland by Terrata Homes?

Choosing Terrata Homes in Portland means you're opting for a lifestyle of luxury and comfort. Our residences have spacious rooms, luxurious upgrades, premium finishes, integrated technology and superior craftsmanship. Our new developments have large homesites, stunning views of nature and ample amenities. At Terrata Homes, we have transparent pricing and prioritize your satisfaction.

What is a move-in-ready home?

A move-in-ready home is a new construction home that is ready for occupancy. Every home we sell is move-in-ready and includes designer finishes and upgrades at no extra cost for homebuyers.

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